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The Aquarium

Barcelona Aquarium Shark

Located in Moll d'Espanya del Port Vell, the Barcelona aquarium has 35 aquariums and over 11,000 aquatic wildlife creatures, which makes up 450 species in total. As you can tell, this is quite a large aquarium. It is the world’s largest Mediterranean-themed aquarium with 14 of their 35 aquariums being dedicated to Mediterranean Sea life. Take a visit, and you will get to discover the many wonders of the sea, and you will get to see artificial mock-ups of their underwater communities. It is very family friendly, a great place to make lasting family memories, and it isn’t as crowded as many other Barcelonian attractions.

Learn about the different characteristics of each species as you tour the facility. There are two protected areas just off the coast of Spain and people are not allowed to explore them, which is why the Barcelona Aquarium has set up two recreations of the area. You may see the recreation of the Medes Islands area and Ebro Delta area. One of the biggest selling points of the aquarium is the acrylic tunnel that runs all the way through the Oceanarium. You are able to walk through the tunnel and look up at the creatures swimming by, which creates a wonderful feeling of relaxing immersion in the fish’s watery world.

Another reason so many people visit the Barcelona Aquarium is because of the indoor dolphin show and scuba diving events they have there, where you are able to swim with the fish and the sharks. You do have to be a qualified scuba diver in order to swim with the fishes. L’Aquàrium de Barcelona has areas where you may see 8,000 types of fish, but it is not only for fish, you may also see molluscs, plants, crustaceans, jellyfish, and even penguins. If you are growing weary of the hot sun, then the Barcelonian aquarium is the perfect place to cool off, get away from the sun, and have a good time.

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