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Tips on how to get the  best out of using public transport

Disable access, this varies. On the newer buses and on major routes buses provide a lift and a space on the bus for wheelchairs.

Hydrofoils provide better and easier accessibility.

The metro and the airport provide very good disability access areas including toilets and changing areas. Whenever deciding to use public transport please always check the accessibility for the disabled traveller, before planning your journey.

When buying tickets for public transport always make sure the tickets are validated before boarding the transport as fines could be issued if an invalidated ticket is being used, you can do this using the machines provided on platforms and stations. Tickets can be bought at tram, Metro and railway stations, central bus stations, kiosks and newsstands. Tickets should be kept until you have completed your journey for the possibility of staff inspection.

There are many different tickets you can buy for travelling around Athens for example: integrated ticket, 24hr ticket and a 5 day ticket, these cover all modes of transport. Then there is the 3 day tourist ticket and the Express ticket for the airport .Children under 6 yrs of age travel free of charge, as do disabled passengers. Children aged 7-12, teenagers aged 13-18 and seniors over the age of 65 can buy a ‘reduced’ ticket. To be eligible for this card a valid passport or ID card needs to be shown. As you would expect these all vary in price so please do your research and find the ticket that is more related to your visit and your pocket. Public transport is Athens is very affordable.

Hop on hop off tour buses are also very popular in Athens, again please check prices as to the type of public transport that suits you best. .

However you are planning on seeing the beautiful sights of Athens there is a means of transport for you. This is only a guide for your information, new ideas, rates, tickets and accessibility are being integrated into the public transport section of Athens constantly.

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