athens airport taxi

Athens Taxi

Athens taxi Taxis are easy to find in Athens, in fact anywhere in Greece. All taxis are a bright yellow colour and will take you wherever you want to go. Taxi ranks are easily accessible outside airports, train stations, ports and outside main attractions for the sightseeing public. It is rumoured that in Athens there are on average 15,000 taxis, a lot of competition between taxi companies, so always try to get the cost down and agree on a price before you begin your journey. The metre should always be on ‘1’ during the day. If the metre is set on ‘2’ it is on double time and this should only be used between the hours of midnight and 5am.

It is always a good idea to reserve a taxi in advance and have an agreed price set. Hotels and restaurants will always call a taxi for you. There are also taxi sightseeing tours available in Athens. These are air conditioned Mercedes Benz cars with a non smoking policy.

These enable you to take photographs at your leisure, relax along the beach, shop, visit a museum or dine in luxury. As upon your request and according to Greek legislation, Greek taxi drivers have to provide you with an official receipt of the transportation service.

Athens Taxi

The receipt should also indicate the license number, driver’s name, and the taxi registration number. English speaking taxi drivers are available and can be requested. Children are usually expected to sit in the back seat with at least one adult and be strapped on the adults lap sharing a seatbelt. Car seats can be provided by parents of child and attached in the taxi, generally these are not provided by the taxi unless specified before the journey. There may be an extra charge for use of child seats provided by the taxi driver or company.

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