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Athens car rental

Athens car rental Car rental in Athens as you can imagine is numerous. There are hundreds of car hire companies available to the traveller. One of the main pick up places would be of course the Athens international airport where the majority of holiday makers would pre book a car hire for convenience. Depending on the time of year you are looking for a car will depend a lot of the price you are quoted but do shop around online as this is probably the easiest and most efficient way of guaranteeing a car for your holiday.

Better to book online

You can always book a car once you arrive in Athens but be prepared in not getting the full amount of days you require especially if it’s in the peak summer months. Once at your hotel staff will also be available to assist you in booking a car, most companies will drop off and pick up hire cars from your choice of destination but do check this before paying in full, as some companies only have certain pick up and drop off points that may not be convenient to you. It is also possible to hire a car from your hotel (but we recommend to book online) and drop it off at the airport.


If you have young children please also check if they provide car seats and if there is an extra cost for having these in the vehicle to hire. Check that child locks actually work for your piece of mind. Of course you will need your driving documents to show to the car hire company on booking if you are here in Athens already. Most importantly, be aware that the Greeks are not any to be the safest of drivers, so do take extra care while driving, and most importantly just enjoy your holiday in Athens.

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