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Hotels in Athens

Athens' Hotels Greek hotel ratings are deceiving. For example, if a hotel is five stars, it is probably only four or three stars by other countries standards. Hotels tend to be rated with stars, and other accommodation is rated with keys. Just because one place has a higher star rating than another, it doesn’t mean it is better or that you will have a nicer time.

Your Stay And Your Luggage: hotels with safes are a big plus, as are hotels with English-speaking staff. Hotels do not tend to have a lot of storage space in Athens, so ask in advance if you are planning on taking a lot of luggage. Most hotels do not have a lifeguard for their pool, so you use it at your own risk.

Where Are The Hotels?

Most are in the centre of Athens, with a few others dotted around up side streets. There are several bed and breakfast places that are a little more outside of the centre, and there are a few hotels near the coast, and one near the airport. Strongly consider a budget hotel or even a B&B or hostel because most of the hotels are overpriced when you consider the minor perks they allow.

English Signs And Speakers

Most street signs are in Greek and English, and the same is true of almost all the hotels. Most of the hotels have English-speaking staff, and most have English on their menus and signs. If you are worried, you should call ahead to find out if they have English-speaking staff.

Credit Cards Are Often Accepted

Most hotels accept credit cards and debit cards, and some may want a security deposit from a credit card, especially if you have not paid your rent in advance. Most will allow you to pay for meals and drinks with your cards, but few have their own ATMs, but that is because Athens has plenty of them dotted around the city.

Don’t Worry About Technology

Most modern technology doesn’t need a transformer because hotels provide 220V electricity. However, you may need a plug adaptor, which simply changes the shape of your plug so that it fits Greek sockets.

Consider Kea, Poros, Aegina or Angistri

These are areas that are outside of the centre of Athens, and are places where you may enjoy the sun, sights or sea. They are further away from the attractions and entertainment that Athens has to offer. However, you can take the metro line into the centre for day trips. It is worth considering if you are not that keen on seeing the historic sights, and if you are on a tighter budget and do not want to pay the city centre prices.

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