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Plaka Plaka is more like a small village that is nestled within a big city. If you have just visited the Acropolis and the big tourist areas, then this place will feel worlds away. It is built for tourists, but the feel and atmosphere is very far removed from the rest of Athens. It is loaded with cafes, tourist shops, restaurants and jewellery stores. There is also a reasonably good artistic community too. During the spring and summer, Plaka is one of the nicest neighbourhoods that Athens has to offer, but do not be deceived, it is highly commercialized. Just because there are no large McDonald’s signs doesn’t mean that branding hasn’t wormed its way into every nook and cranny. The restaurants are nothing to rave about, but some of the tourist shops are fantastic, especially the ones that feature original art. The shops have mostly the same stuff, but it is dramatically removed from the sort of things you will see in other shops in Athens.

There Are Historic Places In Plaka

They are mostly made up for archaeological areas. The Tower Of The Winds is rather famous because it is believed to hold ancient magic, and may be the final resting place of Philip of Macedon. Near the Tower Of The Winds, you will find a popular music museum, which some consider to be the best museum that Athens has to offer.

There is also a very famous restaurant known as the Platanos Taverna, which has a very long and historic past. Near the Tower, you will also find the Doorway of the Medrese, which was built in 1721 as a theological school. Sadly, only the door exists, but the story behind the supposedly cursed area is very rich and interesting. You should also pay a visit to the Mosque of Mehmet the Conqueror, which was built in 1458. They have also restored the Bath of the Winds, which may be worth a visit too.

It Has A Relaxed Feeling

There are many tourist traps in Athens, and Plaka is one of them, but most will admit that it doesn’t feel that way. It feels more relaxed and there is less hustle and bustle. Buying an expensive lunch may not be worth it, as the restaurants are expensive, but are not particularly mind blowing; Athens has better places to eat. Become accustomed to the shops before you start buying because you may often find lower prices or better quality if you shop around a little first. If you are going to eat, try the smaller places or the family-run places for a better "Greek" feel to your meal.

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