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Roman Stadium (Panathenaic stadium)

Roman Stadium The Roman stadium in Athens is better known as the Kallimarmaro Roman Stadium, or just the Panathenaic Stadium. Some simply call it the Kallimarmaro, and it is an ancient marble stadium that you probably recognise from movies and PC games. It was built during the 330-329th century B.C. for the Great Panathinaic Games. It can hold over 50,000 viewers and it is a very recognizable location, which makes it a great place to have your photo taken.

Finding The Roman Stadium

It can be tricky because there are only two bus routes that pass near by, but there are four trolleys that stop just on the eastern corner at junction near the end of Archimidious road/street.

If you look at your map, you will see Syntagma Square and a big green patch nearby. That is the National gardens of Athens. You can cut through the National gardens, past the Zappio Megaro (Zappeion), and over to the other side. It is only a 15-minute walk. Make your way across to road "Irodou Attikou"

Follow Vasilissis Amalias Avenue from Syntagma Square for about 500 meters; turn left onto Vasilissis Olgas Avenue until you meet Vasilissis Konstandinou. Turn left and in another 600 meters you will come to the Kallimarmaro Ancient Stadium on your right, and head towards the large road with six lanes of traffic, where hopefully you should be able to see the stadium. If you come to a road called "Herodes Atticus. Take a right and walk down the unassuming tree-lined street. Once you reach the six-lane road, you will clearly be able to see the stadium.


Kallimarmaro, Vasilissis Konstantinou Avenue, 11636 Athens in Greece

Visiting Hours

You are allowed access from dawn until sunset. If you try to enter during the darker hours, then you will probably be moved along by the police.

Helpful Information

Some people say it is not worth going out of your way to see, but it is so close to the centre of Athens, and it is so close to other attractions such as Syntagma Square and the National park, that you would be a fool to pass it up.

There is not a great deal to see, and the stone heats up the area, which is exacerbated by there being no shade. However, it is well worth a quick detour, either via the national park route, or by bus. Visiting the Roman stadium is part of the Athens experience and shouldn’t be missed. Even on a national holiday, you can get a good view from outside the gate.

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