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Meeting people in Athens

Meeting people in Athens If you are looking to meet people, then the various hostels are a good place to meet a range of different people. The Monastiraki District and Plaka District are nice places to meet new people. You will also meet a lot of new people in the Acropolis, but the hustle, bustle and crowds are not very conducive for making new friends. Most Greek people are friendly, but as with most places, you will find rude and dismissive people. Nevertheless, most people in Athens are aware that tourism powers their micro-economy, and are therefore extra nice to tourists.

Taking walking tours of Athens is often a good way to meet new people. If you get involved with your tour group, you may find a new set of friends. Try our group walking tours for yourself.

Some people set up house-swaps where a Greek family stays in their house while they stay in a Greek person’s house. Or, you may try a hotel, where the lobby and bars are often good places to meet new people. Do lots of research into hotels, apartments and hostels because they are rated a little differently than in other countries. Greece is also very disability unfriendly, so plan your trips carefully if you are disabled. Also, know that over 50% of the population smokes, so if you want new friends, you will probably have to put up with smokers.

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