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Athens Public Holidays

Public holidays
Athens is part of Greece, ergo it has the same public holidays. Some of them happen on the same date every year, and they are featured in the first list. Some public holidays happen on different dates every year, and they make up the second list. There are also observances, which are not public holidays, but some people have time off of work for them, and some people hold celebrations in honour of them.

Athens Public Holidays With A Set Date

  • 1st January New Year's Day
  • 6th January 6th Epiphany
  • 25th March Independence Day
  • 1st May Labour Day
  • 15th August Assumption of the Virgin Mary
  • 28th October Ochi Day
  • 25th December Christmas Day
  • 26th December Synaxis of the Mother of God

Athens Public Holidays With A Variable Date

  • 14th March 2016/ 27th February 2017 Clean Monday
  • 29th April 2016/ 14th April 2016 Orthodox Good Friday
  • 1st May 2016/ 16th April 2017 Orthodox Easter Sunday
  • 2nd May 2016/ 17th April 2017 Orthodox Easter Monday
  • 20th June 2016/ 5th June 2016 Holy Spirit Monday


  • 30th January The Three Holy Hierarchs
  • 20th March March equinox
  • 20th June June Solstice
  • 24th July The Restoration of Democracy
  • 22nd September September Equinox
  • 17th November Polytechneio
  • 21st November Armed Forces Day
  • 21st December December Solstice

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